Trans Angel Melissa Leal Is Your Personal Secretary


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Embracing my virtual persona, I slip on my Quest headset, welcoming the escape into a realm ruled by temptations and ultimate gratification. As the CEO, my sole purpose revolves around obtaining absolute satisfaction. And luckily, my new assistant possesses exactly the set of skills I desire most. Not just adept at typing and filing, she’s also a trans woman with an unparalleled ability to bring me to the brink of ecstasy. Her role encompasses so much more than mere admin tasks. This seductress serves as my very own “secretary of sex,” tailor-made to cater to every one of my lascivious whims.

Summoning her to my VR oasis, I issue my command with a husky whisper, “Come here, my sweet darling. Let’s see if your skills extend past efficient note-taking and smooth coffee brewing. Show me what makes you worthy of being dubbed my secretary of sex.”

In response, you materialize before me, a captivating ts girl donned in scant attire that barely conceals your luscious curves. Your confidence and charisma immediately stir the raging inferno within me. Without uttering a single word, I sense your willingness to appease every last fiber of my libido. The rest is history, a tale of carnal exploration involving my yearning for both your mouth and other naughtier places. Within seconds, my hands roam over your supple flesh, initiating an immersion in pure sinful joy. Here lies the pinnacle of corporate success—an epitome of sexual exploits featuring the perfect companion for my VR trysts. Thus, let my assistantship begin, filled with endless passion, desire, and fulfillment. Long live the era of my trans woman “secretary of sex!”

Date: June 5, 2023
Models: Melissa Leal