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After returning home from the swimming pool, Cassia Fernandez changes into her bedroom and lies down on her bed while wearing her swimsuit. She begins stroking her skin, savoring every sensation as she continues exploring her body.

Feeling aroused, Cassia reaches for her erect penis, gripping it tightly between her fingers as she commences self-pleasuring. As she moves her hand up and down along its length, she also fondles and tweaks her nipples, heightening her overall sense of gratification.

However, this isn’t enough for Cassia’s intense desires; she pulls out a sex toy and applies lubricant before assuming a doggy-style position on her bed. Once prepared, Cassia thrusts the dildo deep within her anus, eliciting even more profound levels of sexual excitement that culminate in a climactic release. Throughout the entire experience, Cassia emits alluring sounds of pleasure and satisfaction.

Date: May 15, 2023