VRBTrans – One Pocket Passion


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A pool game with a beautiful TS girl leads you to enjoying wild sex with her on the table!

While pool may not be the most exciting sport ever, it’s still worth brushing up on the fundamentals in case you ever want to meet a hot girl at the local bar thanks to your deft stickwork. In VR Bangers Trans’s newest bareback trans porn scene, “One Pocket Passion,” our attractive and gifted teacher is here to teach you some moves that will make you swoon.

First things first: this trans VR porn film is quite rudimentary. If you want to improve your pool game, you need get a professional tutor. She’ll show up at your apartment and be clearly interested in you; nonetheless, you get the impression that she would rather teach you how to handle a stick and balls than you. The fact that you were unaware you were inviting the Thaysa Lopes TS VR porn actress to your house was another surprise when you were phoning for her.

Now that you realize she’s not your average cisgender female, but a trans VR porn model with ample breasts, you’ll find yourself intrigued in her as well. Even if you were hoping to work on your pool abilities today, you can always return to that later; for the moment, concentrate on the chance that presented itself to you. You never know, it may be your greatest day ever!

Put on your virtual reality goggles and settle down for an ebony TS VR porn video while we handle everything else. We guarantee you won’t be sorry you went with that choice! Think of it as one of those well-known win-win scenarios if you pick up some pool skills while you’re doing it.

Date: December 19, 2023
Models: Thaysa Lopes